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Humble Beginnings

As the youngest of 12 children – 9 girls and 3 boys, I watched my 8 older sisters as they aged. My oldest sisters, twins, are 23 years older than me. By the time I reached my late teens, they were in their early 40’s. When I was 19, I began noticing that some of my sisters were aging more than others. Some of my sisters smoked, some of them worshiped the sun, and some of them took vitamins and wore sunscreen. Since we all had the same biological parents, it was obvious to me how damaging sun and smoking were, and how important it was to protect and nourish my skin. 

A Gift From My Mother

 In the fall of 2016, my beautiful mother passed away at the age of 95. She was a successful entrepreneur and fully lived her life. Dedicated and determined, she was a wonderful role model to me. She believed in me. She gave me strength, determination, and the financial opportunity to fulfill my own dreams. My mother gave me a beautiful gift. The opportunity to start my own skin care line. This prompted me to begin working with a scientist from a nutraceutical company to develop a unique plant based, organic skincare. I wanted to share my dream and the gift from my mother with my own daughter, so I named my product line after my daughter – Sabrina. To me, Sabrina is simply beautiful and that became our tag line. 

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A New Mother Daughter Team

The product line, SABRINA Simply Beautiful Skin Care, is named after my beautiful daughter, Sabrina. Together, Sabrina and I are a dynamic mother-daughter team whose goal is to create a skin care line that truely works and lives up to it’s claims of preventing and reversing aging.  Our products are loaded with science and technology  as well all natural ingredients to give our customers Simply Beautiful Skin! We both know feeling confident and beautiful in your skin makes life and living more fun. Sabrina and I would love to empower everyone to feel beautiful, confident, and happy with their skin and appearance. Our mother-daughter team is simply beautiful, and so are you!


-Laura Janay, Founder and CEO

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