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Summer Vacationing? Don’t Forget to Pack Your Face Cream

It can be easy to fall out of your skincare routine when you are on summer vacation. However, this is exactly the time that your skin is the most vulnerable to damage so it is important to stick with it. This will help you stay beautiful all summer long.

The Impact of Summer Travel on Your Skin

When you leave home for a vacation, you are leaving behind the water, air and environment that your skin is used to and transporting it to another climate. On the way to your destination, you may be in a car for hours on end, or a plane with its own drying air source circulating through the cabin. These changes impact your skin in a number of ways and can cause breakouts and drying. Switching to the skincare and hygiene products provided by hotels on vacation can make this even worse, even sparking the inflammation and rashes that can come with contact dermatitis.

The Biggest Summer Risks to Your Skin

  • Any change of climate. Sudden weather changes can impact the skin. Humidity makes it oily, causing breakouts. Dryness can lead to flaking and scaliness. Cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing with SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus can help.

  • Sun exposure. The strength of the sun is different in different areas of the world at different times of day. Sunburns are painful and can ruin a vacation. But even more than that the sun can cause premature aging and tight-feeling skin. Full spectrum sunscreen applied liberally and often, and extra moisturizer, will help. SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus will help to protect you and reverse damage. Staying hydrated will support your skin in sunny environments.

  • Airplanes. As mentioned above, the air in the cabin of a plane can be very damaging to the skin. Because your face has the most delicate skin on your body,negative impacts will show up there first and most. The air on planes is exceptionally dry and is recirculated, and because of the altitude, passengers are susceptible to sunburn. Providing extra hydration to your skin by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing heavily with SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus prior to flying, and wearing a good full spectrum sunscreen on the flight will help ward off these negative impacts.

  • Time zones. When you face a time zone change it can wreak havoc on your sleep. Lack of sleep has a significant impact on your skin. When you are sleeping, your skin, and the rest of your body, has an opportunity to renew. Lack of sleep leads to noticeable facial impacts, including dark circles and bags under your eyes. Trying to take naps and relax and slowing adjusting yourself to the time zone you have traveled to, and using the antioxidant power of SABRINA Beauty Rx Plus to give your skin a boost during this transition will make a difference.

  • Germs abound. Any public environment has germs. If you happen to be hyper-conscious of germs, or anywhere on the scale of a hypochondriac, you may want to skip this section. That said, it is important to manage your own personal health while you travel and are using public restrooms, buses, restaurants, and airplanes. If you want to avoid having germs on your face that find their way into your mouth, nose or eyes, the best thing you can do is to avoid touching your face before you wash your hands. This means that you feel a dry spot, you should avoid the temptation to dab on your Sabrina Beauty Rx Plus without washing first.

  • Hotel products. In some very special hotels, like boutique hotels in France, the tiny little products in your room are ultra-high end. However, by switching to using them, even for a short time, your skin will be forced to adjust to a new product that is likely not near as good for it as what you have been giving it. Because a full size container of Sabrina Beauty Rx Plus takes up a lot of space, we advise investing in refillable travel-sized (TSA approved) containers and packing just enough for your trip. This will help you pack light and still take care of yourself.

  • Swimming. Whether you’ll be soaking in chlorine-filled pools or salt-filled seas, chances are the water you are submerging yourself in has a drying effect on your skin. If you must submerge your face, make sure that you are using your best summer face cream to protect and heal it.

Why SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is the Best Summer Face Cream


With all of the risks you face traveling during the summer, there is no better tool you can have for your skin than this. Loaded with antioxidants, collagen and the incredible anti-aging stem cells of green apples, this cream will keep your skin moisturized in even the harshest of climates. So when you travel this summer, make sure you take us with you.


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