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The Best Way to Get Collagen Where You Need it Most

Collagen is to your skin like a canvas is to a painting. It gives you the structure to define your look. Without it you fade, with it you radiate with firm, plump and youthful looking skin.

What Is Collagen

Collagen is a protein and it is a fibrous connective tissue that is found in your bones, cartilage and organs. It quite literally holds your body together. In fact, Shape Magazine refers to collagen as “the essence of healthy skin.”

Making up about 80% of the dermis layer of your skin when you are young, collagen fibers are what make your skin feel sort of spongy and look smooth. Healthy skin contains productive fibroblasts, which are constantly working to make new collagen and to replace the old collagen. However, age, lifestyle, and environmental factors can all damage the skin and deplete its collagen.

What Impacts Collagen

These factors are often times unavoidable and include UV radiation, cigarette smoke, air and water pollution, and stress. When your skin encounters these, they produce what are called free radicals, which break the collagen fibers and cause the skin to become thinner. They also damage the fibroblasts, making it harder to produce replacement collagen. If you do nothing to help protect your collagen then age will start to work against you. By the time you are old enough to be the President of the United States, chances are that your fibroblasts have started to wear out. Add this to a lifetime’s worth of damage and facial expressions and you will start to see fine lines, wrinkles and sagging beginning in your 30s and 40s. Some really lucky women who have exceptional genetics and have not been subjected to an environment that causes skin damage may not see these until their 50s. But sooner or later they are almost inevitable.

This is because when collagen gets weak and breaks down, any movement of your face that has happened repeatedly over your life, which causes a crease, will turn into a groove when there isn’t enough collagen to fill it in. This is where expression lines come from. And without that density, your skin is vulnerable to the forces of gravity pulling it down, causing sagging.


The most noticeable wrinkles and sagging that appear the fastest are on the face, neck and chest, partially due to the sensitivity of these areas of skin, and partially due to gravity. WebMD has a really fascinating timeline of how you age and what you can do during each decade to care for and treat that skin. You can see this aging effect on the face by watching a time-lapse video as well. Other parts of your body will show signs of age over the years too, but even without intervention, they are less noticeable than your face.

Getting Your Collagen Back

Enter the magic of collagen enhancement. Collagen is created by your body, but it can also be delivered into your skin to help you maintain and retain youthful and healthy skin. The trick is in the delivery system.

For years collagen has been used to enhance and repair skin, including wounds and burns and in plastic surgery. Much of the collagen that is used comes from cows, pigs, horses, or human tissue (Source). It is injected as a filler, or used in conjunction with other compounds such as silicone or sponges. Collagen molecules are large, however, and cannot traditionally be absorbed into the skin. Thus, until the patented nanotechnology came onto the market that is used by SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus, which micro-minaturizes marine collagen, there was no effective direct topical application.


There have been products that reportedly work to topically apply collagen boosting compounds, but that is different than directly delivering collagen where you need it most without surgery or injection. The same is true for taking collagen supplements or eating a collagen-enhancing diet. Consumption of collagen supplements cannot be directly targeted to the skin of your face, although they can help you maintain bone and organ strength (including your largest organ, your skin). The human body uses the collagen that is consumed or absorbed to produce new collagen.

Making the collagen molecules incredibly tiny, and including them in a face cream that incorporates ingredients which enable their absorption directly into the skin of your face, neck and chest, is a game changer. Incorporating it into a skin cream that also has free-radical destroying antioxidants and anti-aging green apple stem cells, means that you are not only getting collagen back, but a real boost that has a number of benefits for your skin. The result is a product that will turn back the clock, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and change your rate of aging so that you have healthy, smooth, young looking skin for many extra years. So get your collagen back today and give Sabrina Collagen Rx Plus Anti Aging Face Cream a try.



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