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Want to Stay Looking Young? Take These Steps

There is more than one good reason to stay looking young, including that a youthful appearance is an indicator of a longer life. The truth is that if you are healthier, chances are that you will also live longer. During that extended healthy life span, you will be happier with yourself because you will look great and feel even better. So how do you accomplish this goal of life-long happiness? Short of having fantastic genes that defy time, you take great care of yourself physically and emotionally and use only the best anti-aging products.

Physical Self Care for Looking Young

If being healthy means looking young, one of the best things you can do for yourself is take great care of your body. This is actually much easier to do than you might imagine. You can break this down into just a few categories: nutrition, vices, sleep, exercise.

  • Nutrition. If you only do one thing for yourself, almost everyone will tell you it needs to be eating a healthy and balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors (think rainbow) will provide the basic vitamins, antioxidant and minerals that your body needs to function well. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will keep you well hydrated, which is also essential to your body’s functionality. Both of these impact the way that you look. Your skin, hair, nails, and eyes will look young and healthy.

  • Vices. Avoiding them will help you look your best. Smoking, too much alcohol and caffeine, and drugs will all have an impact on the way that you look. Smoking is especially destructive to youthful looks, causing premature wrinkles. Alcohol can cause your liver to function less effectively, giving your nails, eyes, and skin a yellow tint, and caffeine is a diuretic that can dehydrate you if used in excess. The other vice that is very damaging is the sun, especially for those who do not adequately protect themselves from UV radiation. The sun will age you quickly.

  • Sleep. Getting enough sleep has a noticeable impact on the way that your face looks. When you are asleep your body refreshes, rebuilds and rejuvenates itself. Sleep helps to reduce or eliminate dark circles from under your eyes and can help to relax the tension you hold in your face. There is some evidence that sleep helps your complexion. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep a night is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

  • Exercise. When you walk, lift weights, run, or do yoga or pilates you are strengthening your body, helping your bones stay strong and strengthening your heart which is responsible for moving blood around your body. Sweating also helps remove toxins and allows your skin to cleanse itself.

Emotional Self Care for Looking Young

Taking care of yourself emotionally is more challenging for most people than physical self care, but it is a very important part of staying and looking young. The great thing is that when you begin down the path of self-care and realize how great it makes you feel, it easily becomes a habit that is really hard to break. This can be broken into categories like stress, sex, and self-indulgence.

  1. Stress. A study that was published in The Lancet Oncology, performed by Dr. Dean Ornish, indicated that reducing stress can add 9-17 years back onto your lifespan. Stress causes your body, including your skin, to age faster than it should. Thus, meditation and other relaxation techniques will help you stay looking young.


  • Sex. While this may make you blush, there is definitely scientific evidence that having sex can keep you looking and feeling young. In fact a good sex life can make you look almost a decade younger.

  • Self-Indulgence. Bubble baths, massages, vacations, a glass of red wine while you watch the sunset. Enjoying life and pampering yourself can really help you look and feel younger. These self indulgences lead to a better and happier mental state, which shows up on your face and in your posture. Happy people glow, so do the things that make you happy.

The Best Anti-Aging Product

Using great products that help you maintain youthful skin is truly a blend of physical and emotional self-care, and yet it belongs in a category all its own. You will want to use something that moisturizes while delivering collagen, antioxidants and green apple stem cells. A product that combines all of the best ingredients and uses the most scientifically advanced delivery systems available. This is Collagen Rx Plus by SABRINA.

  • Collagen. Collagen is the protein that is the building block for your skin (and bones and other organs). It is what gives your skin its structure and plumpness. As you age, or as your health deteriorates, your body stops effectively producing as much collagen and your skin begins to get wrinkles and sag. SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus has a patented technology that has reduced the size of the collagen molecules down to what your skin can actually absorb, making it the best source for collagen (short of injections) available.

  • Green Apple Stem Cells. The benefits of these little swiss fruits are well known around the world. Their stem cells help to slow the aging process and are found in Collagen Rx Plus by SABRINA, which work with the collagen to take years off of the skin of your face, neck and chest. This is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has discovered and you will love the results!

  • Moisturizer. Moisturizing helps your skin to retain its youthfulness and prevents drying, scaling and flaking. Using a moisturizer that also has so many other anti-aging benefits will ensure that you are giving your skin the best gift you can.

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