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Face cream with collagen and vitamin C for men plant stem cells marine collagen


Why Does SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus Make Your Skin Simply Beautiful?

Nutrient Rich Ingredients

The miracle benefits of natural and highly effective nutrient rich ingredients, including:  Marine collagen, green apple stem cells, vitamin C, E, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green and white tea, powerful antioxidants and other natural ingredients help your skin to stay young, healthy, and beautiful. 




Sabrina Beauty uses Nano Technology to make Collagen Rx Plus face cream really effective.  It shrinks the Collagen Molecule so it can go deep into your skin and help your skin look softer, firmer, and younger-looking.


Time Release Delivery System


Collagen Rx Plus anti aging face cream helps tighten and firm your skin. Some of the more intense ingredients are put in tiny capsules and penetrate deep into your skin.  Then throughout the day and night, those powerful ingredients are slowly released even when you wear makeup, to remove fine lines and help your skin look younger, more hydrated, and radiant.

Benefits Of Green Apple Stem Cells In Skincare

  • Protect and strengthen the vitality of skin cells

  • Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles

  • Balance skin tone

  • Prevent aging

  • Remove blemishes

  • Re-hydrate and increase firmness

  • Prevent sagging skin

  • Reduce Redness and Inflammation

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