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best collagen cream for face sabrina collagen rx plus anti aging face cream


The Amazing Power
of Natural Skincare Products

Helping you find your beautiful youth!


best collagen cream for face reduce redess deep wrinkle cream


Startling Benefits Of Sabrina
Collagen Rx Plus ​

  • Stimulate Collagen

  • Reduce Appearance of Pores

  • Prevent & Reverse Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Hydrate and Replenish 

  • Soften and Smooth Skin

  • Even Out Skin Tone

  • Reduce Redness and Inflammation  

Science and Technology ​

​Nanotechnology, time released delivery, and natural ingredients make our revoluntionary face cream, Sabrina Collagen Rx Plus highly effective in reversing aging.

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nanotechology skincare apple stem cell cream plant stem cell cream marine collagen

Proven Results You Will Love - Order The Set
Oatmeal Mask Scrub & Collagen Rx Plus Face Cream

  • Oatmeal Mask exfoliates to unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and stimulate cellular renewal.  

  • Exfoliation also enhances absorption of skincare products. When the skin is exfoliated, it becomes more receptive to other skincare treatments.   

  • Prevent and Reverse Aging - Collagen Rx Plus face cream penetrates deep into the skin. It delivers a powerfully effective, anti aging skincare treatment. 


Plant Stem Cells for Skin: 5 Great Benefits

The Latest Research on Production of Collagen

Plant stems cell cream benefits
marine collagen cream stimulate collagen face

"One company that is a premier source of products containing plant stem cells is Sabrina Beauty.  Their signature face cream, Collagen Rx Plus helps to stimulate collagen and strengthen the vitality of the skin,” Janay says. “It’s extremely effective. It does slow and reverse the signs of aging. It’s going to minimize the appearance of your pores, soften your skin, and give you a beautiful glow."

According to Music City Scale, a symposium for cosmetic advances and laser education, "There are two products that claim to have achieved the technology necessary to topically deliver collagen into the skin: Sabrina Beauty Collagen Rx Plus Anti-Aging Face Cream and Revolution Fibers Activlayr face masks. Both rely on marine collagen."

Sabrina Beauty Skincare Reviews Collagen Rx Plus anti aging face cream

What People Are Saying

"I’ve been using Sabrina collagen skin cream for 2 months and love it. My pores are smaller and my skin feels hydrated but not greasy. Great product!"

Deborah Caputo

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