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SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is A Must Have for Makeup Artists

I caught up with Jessica Marie Winchell, owner of J. Marie Professional Makeup Artistry, around 11:30 on a Wednesday morning in mid-July. She had just come from doing Tamika Felder’s face for the second day. Felder is a motivational speaker, author and spokesperson for cancer survival. She appears frequently on TV and as such, has her makeup professionally applied frequently. She is an example of the type of client that Jessica has been using SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus on since the winter of 2018. “Tamika said it smelled great and she liked the tingle,” Jessica said when I asked her about her client’s reaction, “almost everyone does.”

A Makeup Artist Loves Skincare

Jessica herself started using the product in the early part of the year- she thinks it was January when she cracked open that first bottle. She immediately loved it. A resident of Indianapolis, the winters come with cold, dry air that can wreak havoc on the skin as it dries out. “Hydration, hydration, exfoliation, exfoliation, moisturize, moisturize!” is her mantra, which anyone from cold or dry climates who works professionally with makeup will relate to. She used the product for at least a month before she made it part of her kit. “All makeup artists should have SABRINA in their kit,” she said. It works perfectly, whether in the summer or the winter, you just use more or less of it. Jessica loved it on her own skin. It plumped up the area around her eyes (she now uses it as eye cream), it shrunk her pores and faded the lines that were starting to form on her youthful face. “I have freckles and it evened out the tone – and it smells great; all my clients say so,” she said.

Personal SABRINA Beauty Experience

Jessica said she wishes she could use it on her arms too, to help even out the freckles there, “but it is such a small bottle, it is precious.” She is currently on her 4th. I asked her what she personally loved about SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus, more than other face creams she has used, and her answer was immediate. “In Indianapolis the winters are so long and it is so hard to keep your skin moist. This is immediately hydrating and it is time released, reaching down into the deepest skin, the dermis layer. Plus you don’t need very much, just a dime to quarter size for your whole face and neck.”


SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is The Best Moisturizer

Jessica did make up for a February wedding and used the cream on the bridal party. The bride happened to be her mother in law, which she seems to have taken in stride where most people would be terrified. She used a quarter size on her face and said the woman looked radiant, along with her bridal party. The bride was given a guide-sheet around preparing her skin. On that list is sleeping, drinking, eating, exfoliating and moisturizing. The bride had a chance to use SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus for a few weeks prior to her wedding and it showed. Her face was younger and plumper looking on her big day. The bridesmaids did not have the luxury of having a pre-wedding consultation with the makeup artist, so that day they were exposed to the face cream for the very first time. Like any other makeup job, whether for tv, a photoshoot, an ad agency, Halloween or a body painting makeup session, the bridesmaids’ skin was prepped with a cleanser, toner, and then moisturized. The makeup artist starts with the eyes, giving the moisturizer a chance to settle in.


I asked Jessica how this all works, what that routine is for, what other products she uses and why SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus does a better job than the other moisturizers she has access to. I suddenly realized, I knew very little about the art of makeup application. It is an art, “human skin is the canvas,” Jessica will tell you, as she describes how she got started in makeup through art school. Whether making someone look glamorous, professional, or shocking, it is all art. This makes perfect sense- and it makes sense that a makeup artist would really need to know skin and how makeup is going to go onto that skin to hold up under lights, cameras and various activities.

“People need to sleep, drink, eat, exfoliate and moisturize.” This will help the makeup artist do their job, blending from the forehead down to even out the skin’s tone.

The skin needs to be cleansed of anything that is going to get in the way, so she always starts by using a makeup wipe on it. Almost any wipe will do. She then uses a toner, she prefers witch hazel. She applies SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus as a moisturizer, which helps to keep the shine down and hydrate the skin. “Especially in the age of HD, where you can see inside the pores,” Jessica said, “it is really important to have hydration.” She explained that this, along with not enough exfoliation for anyone in their 20s and 30s, will show on faces. It causes makeup to stick instead of gliding on. She lets the moisturizer soak in for 10-15 minutes before adding primer. In the summer she uses less of the product, and in the winter more. I asked if she had a preferred brand and she said that she uses 2 Faced, preferring the retinol. However, since retinol has to be used everyday to see the results, and not everyone does, she uses primer without it. The primer, Jessica said, “smoothes and fills in the pores, keeping the oils at bay and diffusing them. Your makeup is only as good as your skin.”


Jessica is so impressed with SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus that she now uses it as her exclusive moisturizer. “If you are looking for a product, I love the science, the whole purpose… it is the biggest bang for your buck and all makeup artists should have it in their kit.”



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