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(Best skin tightening cream for face and neck) Reunion Coming Up? Start Using SABRINA Collagen Rx Pl

First there is nervousness, then a moment of exhilaration, followed by a sense of panic as you realize th

at you are facing your high school reunion. This range of emotions is totally normal and is usually triggered by feelings of insecurity combined with low self-esteem that seems to stem from the idea of standing up next to all the people you went to school with. It is intimidating to most people. This actually has some psychological basis, as noted by many news outlets from CNN to NPR, bloggers, and even celebrities. However, there are things that you can do to give yourself the boost you need to feel confident and beautiful…….and finding the best skin tightening cream for face and neck also helps –  SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus!

“I am absolutely in love with this product. I am nearly 70 and my skin was pretty good already, I am often mistaken for much younger. But, OMG, this cream is wonderful. I had a few dark spots and they are gradually fading.Nothing else I have used has done that! My skin is soft and dewy!”

Nancy G.

Reunions Are Scary

An interesting but somewhat dated article in Psychology Today, takes a look at why people are scared of and hate school reunions. In it, people of various ages, professions and genders share their perspectives on reunions. The crux of the article is that there is great diversity in what the pre-reunion feelings of anxiety are focused on, but almost everyone has them. However, it also notes that for most of those interviewed for the article, people’s worst fears never materialize and, in quite a few cases, the event actually turned out to be pleasantly memorable at worst, and enjoyable at best.

So, what is it about reunions?

Reunions Are Good For You

Life coach and public speaker Susie Reinhart sums up what most of us feel when we are facing them:

Why was I so nervous? I hadn’t been a terrible person or horrible student in college. But I couldn’t shake the worry about returning to my small college in New England for our twenty-fifth-year reunion.

Maybe the doubt came from shouldering all the insecurities of my twenty-year old self PLUS the new ones of my middle-aged self. Did I belong? Had I achieved enough? Will I look wrinkly and tired?


But within minutes of returning to campus, I was swept up in hugs given by people I had not seen since “Jump Around” was the new hit single. No one measured successes or counted failures. No one took score on careers, kids, or real estate. No one scolded me for not keeping in touch. Our conversations went straight to the heart. A woman I thought was perfect shared stories of raw pain, another of the grief around the death of her Dad, another of the loss of his job and identity. We were unguarded and vulnerable. And that opened the door for a ton of simple, fun moments….

The nervousness I felt so strongly before the reunion fell away… There are many times over the years when I have felt lost. But during this reunion, I felt found. I stopped trying to fit in and I let myself belong…

It turns out, others were feeling anxious before coming, too. What did it take to get us to the reunion? Only one person reaching out and saying, I really want to see you again. I wonder how many other things I’ve been nervous about or avoided because I was sure I didn’t fit in? I just have to remember that this is how it goes. Those fears I felt in the beginning are just telling me I’m doing something, and not that I’m doing something wrong.

What is so beautiful about Reinhart’s experience is that she shows her very human side – opening up that she is afraid that she will look too old and wrinkly. That is an incredibly raw and real reckoning that she had. Admitting that to an audience of thousands upon thousands of readers and followers (potentially the entire internet) is brave. Most of us would never have the courage to take this step – but all of us can take a deep breath and know that there is a way to take that fear of appearing too old and moisturize it away. This applies to both high school and college reunions.

How to Be The Most Beautiful At Your Reunion (Choose the best skin tightening cream for face and neck)

It turns out that there is a cure for wrinkles. In reality there are several solutions that can have an impact, but in the case of SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus, we feel it is the best skin tightening cream for the face and neck. The collagen, green apple stem cells, and antioxidants work together to help you take years off of your look. In fact, most people who use the product for 6 weeks, twice a day, with regular exfoliation, report incredible results. Even just a couple of days of use begins to soften skin and produce a beautiful glow. This amazing, organic, anti-aging cream is the best plumping face cream for mature skin. We guarantee this, or provide your money back.*


So rather than fret and fuss and get anxious about your reunion, get ready. You owe it to yourself to show up looking great and wearing the confidence that comes with that on your sleeve (and face). So hold your head up and walk in wearing Sabrina Beautiful Skincare.  It is the best skin firming cream for face and neck.



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