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Rebuilding Collagen to Look Younger

How is your collagen level? That is probably not a question you have been asked very often. However, maybe it is something to start thinking about – especially if you are concerned about looking young.

What is Collagen

Collagen is a protein and a building block for not only your skin, but your bones, muscles, tendons, and organs as well. It is a connective tissue and is quite important to the way you look and your overall health, including your digestive health.


You have more collagen in your body than any other protein and it is essentially what holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure. Collagen naturally occurs, and is at its peak by the time you are in your early 20s. The body produces it as part of its regeneration and growth processes. In your skin, it is the compound that gives you plumpness. As you start to age, and when you smoke, get too much sun, or are otherwise unhealthy, collagen breaks down and your body cannot produce more as efficiently. In women, this breakdown, or reduction of collagen, accelerates after about the age of 60 (or with menopause).

Collagen and Your Skin

While all of your organs are important and rely on collagen, your skin, which is your largest organ, will wrinkle and sag without it. This not only makes you look older, but also prevents the skin from functioning as well as it otherwise could. Collagen works with another protein, elastin, which provides skin with its ability to stretch.

In the skin, collagen is found in the dermis. This is the middle layer, of the three layers, that your skin has. The collagen helps to form fibroblasts, which are made up of a fibrous network of cells that new cells can grow on. Collagen also helps your body replace and restore dead skin cells, which is the process by which they regenerate. When functioning well, the skin will entirely turn over approximately every 27 days.

If you are reading this and are still young enough to protect the collagen you have in your skin, the biggest favors you can do for yourself are to wear sunscreen and not smoke. Close seconds are making sure that you are well hydrated, get sufficient sleep (which is when your body is able to revitalize and heal itself) and eat well. It also cannot hurt to start using Collagen Rx Plus by SABRINA, which will boost the collagen in your skin.


If you are at the age where you are concerned about getting collagen back into your skin, then SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is also your best option. Its anti-aging formula will not only reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, neck and chest, but it will act to increase the plumpness and bring back a youthful glow.

Getting Collagen Into Your Skin

Collagen is amazing stuff. Not only can it help you look younger, but it is used in medical procedures to help heal wounds and regenerate tissue. It has also been used as a treatment for osteoarthritis. (Source). For skin-related applications it is directly applied, for others it is taken as a supplement.

For instance, collagen dressings are applied to wounds where it works to attract new skin cells and create the structure for tissue to grow. They have been used effectively in wound treatments that include:

  • chronic wounds that do not respond to other treatment

  • wounds that expel bodily fluids such as urine or sweat

  • granulating wounds, on which different tissue grows

  • necrotic or rotting wounds

  • partial and full-thickness wounds

  • second-degree burns

  • sites of skin donation and skin grafts

The collagen used for these typically comes from cows, which can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.


Collagen is also used as a cosmetic injectable. This helps to fill the skin out and make it more plump. It is also used to make the lips more full and to eliminate some wrinkles. Those fillers come from either people (not cadavers), cows or horses. This may be objectionable to some people on ethical grounds.

Collagen is a pretty large compound naturally, so historically this has been the only effective way to get it into the skin. The alternative solution is Collagen Rx Plus by SABRINA, which has a patented process that has made the collagen small enough to be absorbed directly into the skin and down into the dermis. The best part is that it comes from marine collagen, which has not been shown to have the same adverse reactions that other collagen can have. It also includes antioxidants and stem cells from swiss green apples. In addition to filling up your skin with collagen, it works to amplify the anti-aging process.

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