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Top 3 Beauty Tricks That Skincare Professionals Use

You are beautiful from the inside out and outside in. However, if you are like most women you are still interested in learning as much as you can about how to stay beautiful, or become more beautiful. We have collected the 5 absolute best beauty tricks that skincare professionals themselves use. Some of these were surprising to us when we first found out about them, but we did the research and are confident that they work and are worth incorporating into your skincare routine.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E Applied Under Sunscreen

Using vitamin C and vitamin E under your sunscreen will enhance the protection from UV rays. According to beauty and skincare expert Nicki Zevola Benevuti, it actually doubles your protection; however when used alone it provides no protection.  In addition to this sun blocking, and thus skin-saving trick, both vitamins are adding benefits to your skin.


According to Medical News Today, vitamin E oil, when applied to the skin is a cosmetic that may have benefits including:

  • Moisturizing

  • Wound healing

  • Preventing skin cancer

  • Helping eczema

  • Itch relieving

It is also an antioxidant, which means that it helps to fight free radicals which cause skin aging. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and has additional potential benefits when applied to the skin, including (according to researchers at Oregon State University):

  • Enhancing collagen production in the skin

  • Prevention of UV photoaging damage

  • Treatment of UV photoaging damage

  • Wound healing

  • Treatment of dry skin

UV radiation is one of the biggest threats to your skin’s beauty and your youthful look. Be sure to wear full spectrum sunscreen every day to keep your skin from showing premature signs of age, as well as developing skin cancer. This is important year round, regardless of the weather.

Find a Good Esthetician and Get Regular Treatment

Estheticians are licensed skin care beautifiers that “perform cosmetic skin treatments such as facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, and waxing.” Otherwise known as ‘skin care therapists’, they can help you understand your skin type and what skin care routines will work best for you. By doing so they are helping you keep your skin healthy and beautiful. You can typically find them working in spas, salons, and even dermatologist offices.

They are not medical doctors and can only perform treatments that work on the surface of your skin, not below. They also cannot give any injections, diagnose any conditions, or prescribe any medication. A dermatologist, or other medical doctor is needed for those. Nonetheless, they have extensive training and should be considered experts.

According to the Healthworks Institute, which trains estheticians and offers student-conducted treatments to the public, there are holistic wellness reasons for having an esthetician:

Skin care treatments de-stress and rejuvenate your skin as they improve your looks! And estheticians are fonts of knowledge about the latest in great skin care products and what’s best for your skin. They’re always good for some up-to-date skin care tips as well as some wonderful treatments.


Verywell Health endorses estheticians with the same enthusiasm:

While salon treatments by an esthetician aren’t a necessity, they’re a nice way to pamper yourself. When utilized correctly, they can also help your skin look brighter and healthier. Make sure you let your esthetician know of your skin care goals. This will help you customize a treatment plan for you. Also remember that you’ll need to commit to a series of treatments, done at regular intervals, to get noticeable improvement of your skin.

There is no lack of endorsement for estheticians and the skincare they can provide. Remember, though, not all are equally good at their trade, so make sure you do your research and only use someone you are comfortable and happy with.

Double Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day and Apply Moisturizer While It is Still Damp

Your facial skin is a virtual magnet for pollution, dirt, sweat, and retaining makeup and other skincare residues, as well as the catch-pen for excess oils called sebum that you body produces. According to the experts at, double cleaning can be the difference between having healthy, clear skin, and a messy complexion.

The recommendation is to use gentle and soothing cleansers. There are plenty of great ones available that will work specifically with your skin type. We recommend that you consult your esthetician for advice on which cleanser you should choose.

Pat your skin to remove excess water and then, while it is still damp, apply a great moisturizer that is loaded with ingredients designed to help your skin. This will help to seal in extra moisture, giving you an extra boost of hydration. SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus will deliver not only the antioxidants you need, but also micro-molecules of collagen and the anti-aging compounds of swiss green apple stem cells.


Don’t forget to use sunscreen and to apply products from lightest to heaviest. Be sure to take the time to massage them into your skin, which helps to induce circulation and keep your skin healthy.

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