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When Should I Start Using Anti-Aging Cream

Many people in their 20s and 30s are hyperconscious about the appearance of their skin, and invested in making sure that they do not develop premature signs of aging like expression lines, crows feet, and wrinkles. These start to appear by the time one turns 40 and are more noticable every decade from that point forward. Slowing down that aging process is possible with a proper skincare routine.To take control of aging, lets begin with understanding how your skin changes and what impacts it along the way.

Collagen and Young Skin

Collagen is the protein in your skin that makes it plump and gives it definition. Your skin in your 20s, unless it is heavily damaged by environmental factors like heavy smoking, drug use, pollution, or unmitigated sun damage, does a great job of producing it. (Source). Creams that have antioxidants in them, however, can help to minimize the damage done by oxidation from the sun and other environmental factors, helping to keep skin looking younger into the 30s. Pairing this with a good full spectrum sunscreen, avoiding smoking, getting sufficient sleep, and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins (the nutrient sources your body needs to produce the proteins and antioxidants that help your skin), are the best things you can do to keep from prematurely aging in your 20s.

Preventing Aging


Keep in mind that collagen production decreases on average every year by 1%, from about the time you are 21. So, in your 20s this is hardly noticeable, and if you are taking great steps to prevent damage and to keep your skin and your body healthy, then the initial changes won’t be visibly apparent. According to Judith Campisi, cellular biologist and professor at the Buck Institute, “If you start sunbathing when you’re young, you will begin to show aging signs in your late 20s, early 30s.” Which means that all of those days I spent lounging in the sun (without sunscreen, no less) are likely to manifest themselves later in my skin.


In your 30s all of those hours spent in the sun and all of the lifestyle choices you made in your 20s will start showing up on your face. Almost certainly when you look in the mirror you will see changes that almost no one else will notice. Much of this is attributable, in most cases, to expression lines from smiling or raising your eyebrows. For this reason, 40% of people begin using anti-aging products by age 35. If you have taken great preventative steps through your 20s and even into your early 30s, or if you have exceptionally good genetics, many visible signs of aging can be pushed off.

However, this is also a really good time in your life to start focusing on giving your skin, in addition to antioxidants, the building blocks of collagen and the other proteins that keep your skin youthful and firm.

Best Way to Get Collagen In Your Skin


Collagen is not only important to your skin and its youthfulness and beauty, but also to the rest of your body. It helps to support your other organs, bones and your joints. It is also part of your digestive system, found in the lining of your gut. Collagen is made from amino acids that work together to form a triple-helix structure. These amino acids include glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and hydroxylysine. By the time you are well into your 30s the rate of collagen production has dropped by up to 2% a year. (Source). By the time you are 40 this means you have lost up to 20% of your total collagen! This is higher when you factor in environmental aspects like sun damage, or lack of collagen-supporting foods in the diet (bone broth, gelatin, cod, citrus fruits, spirulina, egg whites and sulfur that comes from sulfur vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and garlic).

Your skin is a great barometer of your overall health. Youthful looking, clear, smooth skin with good color and a ‘glow’ are all indicators that the body is functioning well and your other systems are healthy too. This is part of why a diet full of the right vitamins, minerals and proteins will help your skin look great, and the reason sleep, which is when your body has a chance to recharge and repair itself, can help you maintain the complexion you desire.

All of this is to say, that by the time you are in your mid-30s, and certainly by the time you hit the big 4-0, you should be introducing collagen building anti-aging products into your skin, along with maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Building up and maintaining collagen will help your face defy the aging process. Sabrina Beauty’s Collagen Rx Plus Anti Aging Cream is the perfect tool to add to your beauty bag as it puts the power to maintain youthfulness right in your own hands.



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